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You’ve signed up and will soon be off to a life of low adventure. With a little advice from the pulps, you’ll surely never get lost in the wilds, trade bruises in a dank back-alley, or trade drinks with a dangerous stranger, except on your own terms. So, always, right?

Look for Our Message

Before the next dawn you’ll receive a telegram asking you to confirm your subscription. If you do not find this message in your inbox or the nearest saloon, then it may have been waylaid by goons. Try in your dumpster. The message is of critical import! If you cannot find it and follow the instructions within, you’ll receive no further business from the Pulps.

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Whitelist Your Allies

There are too many ways a message can end up face-down in the gutter. It might be low on luck. It might have made a few bad decisions involving gin and tonics, dice, and an anatomically correct blow-up dinosaur doll of suspect purpose. It may have been up to punching fascists without sufficient backup. Who knows these days?

You can make sure that our messages make it to your inbox through the gauntlet of the real world by at least putting our name on your guest-list, so we don’t get bounced at the door. Here’s how to whitelist our email address.

Band Together

Adventure depends on allies. I want to hear from you! Trade your war stories, your survivor’s advice, your bits of fascinating historical research, or not-so-historical research on nazis and punching. The more we share sound advice, the longer all live.

I love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at I can’t wait!