Grey Airport Dawn

Departure in the early hours, before the sun rises, has a special smell which to me is one of the treasures of living.

This morning I stepped out onto the road. No sooner had a grey dawn risen over the Eastern Iowa Airport then I had my first “oops” moment, when I realized I hadn’t finished my paperwork for an international drivers license. Volunteer stories suggest Greek car rental agencies often don’t ask for one, so it may not end up mattering.
Perhaps that will be all that goes wrong. Hah.

I look down the list of people who contributed to make this trip possible. I measure an obligation to them, as well as the greater obligation to the service I set out to do.
Part of my repayment of that obligation will be regular blog updates, including pictures where appropriate. Not much to say today though. Flying Cedar Rapids -> Chicago -> Rome today, arriving Rome tomorrow morning at around 10 AM local time. Then Rome -> Athens -> Lesvos, arriving in Mytelini, the Capitol of Lesvos, at about 6 AM local tume on Saturday.

That’s if all goes according to plan.

Travel is a meditation on patience, and I’ve done enough of it now to feel I’ve got a pretty good set of habits for staying patient. It’s also an exercise in flexibility every time something goes wrong. I’ve learned to be very flexible.

Here’s to a grey dawn, and an open road-sky-sea. Here’s to freedom of movement. May we never take it for granted.

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