Cap d’Agde

The internet cafe in Cap d’Agde smells of the Mediterranean sea. This makes sense as it is no more then a hundred tourist swarmed shop filled yards away. It took you two days to find this place, granted that you didn’t spend too many of the sun baked hours in the balmy sea-side air looking. No, sun bathing and Mediterranean sea bathing seemed to be better uses of your time, but now that you have found access to the wonderful international internet, you’re content to spend a few minutes away from the baleful eye of the day star and update your e-journal.

The last few days in Paris are not ones that you are likely to forget soon. You spent each afternoon doing short vaudevillian performances, enough to earn money for food and have some fun. You met a few really cool people, including Marion, the french three pin contact juggler, and Anna and Sara, acro partners from a Swedish cirque school. All three of the above joined you for your final performance in Paris on the night of the 15th, the night France celebrates its independence in a display of fireworks not unlike our 4th of July; a display that you missed completely because it started half an hour early while you and all your new friends were still rushing towards the Eiffel Tower through the subways.

The trip to Cap d’Agde was a nice long 8 hours of train, starting at midnight the following night. Agde is like Florida only French. It’s hot here, and you’re very, very glad you finally got the wheels on the big chest sorted out before you made the four hour hike pushing both chests from the train station to the beach house where you’re staying.

Also, you would like to profess your undying love and appreciation of the extreme awesomeness of the Matzkin family. The beach house is bliss. You are out of e-money now, so you will sign off. You hope to do your first Agde performance tonight. All is well, even if you are totally broke and a little hungry.

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