Beamed Up!

Whose name is that on the cover? Why, it’s mine! I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing space team! I hope you’ll pick up a copy! Or if you prefer other sellers besides amazon: The publisher, Amphibian Press, is doing a pre-sales promotion, giving away artwork of the characters if you take a screenshot […]

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Cold Morning Launch

Howdy! I’m launching an online, free to read, web-serial at – a globe-trotting, knuckle-popping, urban fantasy set in 1935, following the trials of Mark Simmons, who wants really badly to be called Markus Summanus, Professional Adventurer. This blog will still see updates from me, mostly when I travel. which I haven’t been doing much of […]

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New Fiction: Last and Alone

I’ve posted a new short story over in the fiction section: Last and Alone is the narrative of cloned soldier marooned on an alien world when the last human arc ship dies.

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